Frequently Asked Questions

Is private one-on-one tutoring worth it?

Absolutely it is.  Private one-on-one tutoring will strengthen the student’s subject comprehension and understanding, enhance self-esteem and confidence, and develop critical thinking skills needed to advance to a higher level of learning.

Are the tutoring sessions all on-line?

Yes.  We believe that offering on-line tutoring sessions is the most safe, convenient, and flexible way to help a student grow to their fullest potential.

What applications / platforms do I need to have in order to do an online session with an HGT tutor?

Once you request the tutor who best fits your needs, they will reach out to you and let you know step by step what applications / platforms you will need prior to the lesson.  Almost all of our tutors utilize free digital whiteboard services that are very easily accessible.

What happens if the student can’t make the requested tutoring session?

If times need to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances, no need to worry!  We will reschedule you for a time that best fits your needs and the tutor’s availability.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes!We have a scholarship opportunity in the amount of $1000 for one lucky senior who used the HGT services throughout the school year.The winner will be announced in May.

What happens if my tutor does not show up for a lesson?

Unfortunately for all of us, emergency’s happen.  If there is a time when a tutor cannot make an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, reach out to us and we will make it right.

More Help

For assistance regarding your specific tutoring session, you’ll first want to communicate with your tutor who should have contacted you after the session was booked and approved. Check your email for those communications. If you are unable to reach your tutor, or if your tutor is unable to answer your question, please contact the administration using the form on our Contact page.


Terms, Conditions & Policies

Happy Go Tutoring strives to provide students and tutors with an adequate and effective service supported by a functional, easy to navigate and comprehensive website. For your greater understanding of our operations and to support positive interactions and cooperation between all parties involved, our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy are readily available. 

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Booking Steps

We’d like you to get the most out of our premier online tutor directory. Follow along with the steps below

What Next?

After submitting your booking request with payment, you’ll receive an email confirming the booking is in a PENDING state. Give your tutor up to 24 hours to review and approve the booking. Once approved, you’ll receive another email noting that the booking is APPROVED. The tutor will also reach out to you directly via email or phone if necessary to establish repour and provide instructions on how best to connect with them via online, video communication platforms.

Note: In rare instances a tutor may request to schedule a different day or time for tutoring. This is more likely if the day/time initially chosen was the very next day, giving them short notice to plan accordingly.

If you do not hear from your tutor within 24 hours, please don’t assume the worst. It’s very likely there’s been an email issue. Contact administration for assistance.