Afrah Noor

Position: Remote Tutor
Fun Fact: The taste cells in our taste buds live for only about two weeks!
Categories: Animal Physiology, Biology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Elementary (Grades K-5) Math, Elementary Math, Jr High (Grades 6-8) Math, K-5 Science, Microbiology

Hi there! My name is Afrah Noor and I am a Biochemist with a focus in Pharmacology. I recently obtained my MS degree from Drexel University, and am applying to medical schools this year. I love school, but I also love to teach! I taught AP Biology to high school students for 3 years, and worked as a teaching assistant at Florida Atlantic University. When I am not teaching or studying, I enjoy hiking and kayaking through remote areas! Almost every summer, I visit Alaska for its beautiful and vast wilderness. From a very young age, I developed a love for nature. During my early adolescent years, I rescued birds in South Florida. Throughout my undergraduate career, I worked in a Sea Turtle lab to rescue and rehab 3 different species of Sea Turtles. Sea Turtles have an enormous impact on costal reef ecosystems, so it is unfortunate that they are endangered. Increasing the sea turtle population was the overall goal in my lab. I love to teach about conservation and global warming in general, so if you are interested in these topics please let me know! I am passionate about teaching because I believe that knowledge is a powerful tool. I am looking forward to working with you! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.