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Damien Denis

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Fun Fact: You can see into the past by looking up at the sky. You see the Moon from about a second ago, the Sun from about 8 minutes ago, the North Star you see is from over 300 years ago, and you see the Milky Way as it was 26,000 years ago.
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I live in Orlando, Florida with my lovely wife, our 4 year old son, and our 1 year old cat. I’ve always been very curious, I do research just for fun. I studied physics very seriously, I wanted to understand how math works and how it’s used to visualize things like physics. In college, I simulated the formation of spiral galaxies, like our own Milky Way, with colorful animations that look like hurricanes forming. I love the feeling of helping someone understand something, and helping others discover empowering tools, resources, and confidence to explore further on their own.