Hayley Beitel

Position: In-Person Tutor
Fun Fact: Denali is the highest mountain in North America and it is composed of granitic rock that was intruded into Earth’s crust as magma, cooled into crystalline rock, and then lifted up from below the surface by tectonic plate movement and is still being lifted up today!
Categories: Algebra I, Algebra II, Earth Science, Elementary (Grades K-5) Math, Elementary (K-5) English (Reading, Writing, Spelling), Elementary Math, Jr High (Grades 6-8) English, Jr High (Grades 6-8) Math, Jr High (Grades 6-8) Science, K-5 Science
Location: Anchorage

Hayley Beitel is a scientist by education and an adventurer by nature! She has a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Geology and a Master’s of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics. She moved from Tennessee to Anchorage, Alaska in June 2021 for a summer internship at the National Park Service. She fell in love with the beauty of the state and quickly found a substitute teaching job to share her passion for STEM with students. She is currently in flight school pursuing a private pilot license for fixed wing aircraft and is teaching and tutoring when she is not out flying!