Jesee Bhatacharjii math and physics tutor

Jesee Bhatacharjii

Position: Remote Tutor
Fun Fact: A satellite doesn't really fly once it is in orbit. It perpetually falls. Think of a canonball fired from the surface of the earth. It falls back to the earth. Let's say the Canon gets stronger each time it fires. Makes it easier to think that at some point, the cannonball will want to fall back to the earth but keep missing it, thereby getting stuck in an orbit.
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I’d like to be able to help students reach their academic goals, while teaching them how to analyze and think under pressure. I would like to, someday, have my own educational institution that will focus on the basics of subjects as much as other institutes should. I faced problems in school and college because of the poor teaching level I was subject to. It was during my Master’s Degree that I met and studied under some wonderful professors. I’d like the students around me to experience the same joy that I felt while studying my coursework with these giants in their own fields. That, is the end towards which all of my efforts will be directed. Learning should not be a task, but a necessity.