Jessica Ewellsen algebra and trigonometry tutor

Jessica Ewellsen

Position: Remote Tutor
Available: Mon-Fri 5PM-8PM Alaska Time
Fun Fact: If you convert the phrase "How I wish I could calculate pi" into a number, it spells out the first seven digits of pi.
Categories: Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry

Hello! My name is Jessica Ewellsen. I have been professionally teaching/tutoring for almost a year and helped tutor fellow classmates during my educational years. I love that math builds on itself like layers of a cake. Because of this, I believe it is very important to have a firm understanding of each “layer” before moving onto the next one, as doing so builds confidence and long-term understanding. Emotional needs play a large role in learning, so I am always encouraging, positive, and open-minded. I hope to inspire students to continue to seek further knowledge, as the saying goes “knowledge is power” and I want everyone to have the knowledge to succeed.