Preeti Bakshi

Position: Remote Tutor
Available: Mon-Fri 3PM-8PM EST
Fun Fact: I have a great interest in learning about animals from around the world. Did you know, even if the blue whale is known as the biggest mammal in the ocean, it still doesn't have the heaviest brain? Can you guess which mammal has the heaviest and biggest brain?
Categories: Accounting, Business Law, Economics

My name is Preeti Bakshi. I am from New York City and I am a certified teacher with nine years of experience in the field of education. I have obtained my bachelor’ Degree in Applied Science from Queens College and am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree from Northcentral University in Marriage and Family Therapy. I also have TESOL certification to conduct ESL classes for students that are new to learning English. Additionally, I have four years of experience in teaching all sections of the SAT exam. Throughout my journey in teaching, I obtained the skills and patience to understand each student’s academic needs and guide them to the path of success. In my class, your child will learn to build the confidence to approach a challenging problem with strategies that will be practiced and interact with others in the class. Your child will learn to identify hint words and phrases that improve their academic performance and pace at school. I look forward to seeing you and your child in class soon.