Shivam Grover

Position: Remote Tutor
Fun Fact: If there are 23 people in a room, then there is a 50% chance that two people will have the same birthday. The larger a crowd gets, your odds increase. In fact, 75 people in a room give you a 99% chance that two people share the same birthday. So, next time you enter a class of 75 or more students, it's almost certain that you will find a student having the same birthday as yours.
Categories: ACT Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus I, Elementary (Grades K-5) Math, Elementary Math, Geometry, Jr High (Grades 6-8) Math, Math, Precalculus, SAT / ACT Prep, SAT Math, Trigonometry

I am an expert mathematician and coder. I have 5 years of experience as a private tutor, alongside impeccable educational credentials and numerous commendations and certificates, I am a consummate master of mathematics, teaching all levels, from elementary through college curricula. I expertise in (algebra, calculus, geometry, probability, trigonometry, etc). For me, tutoring isn’t work, it’s a fulfilling activity that I would jump at any chance to do as it’s my passion and I really enjoy it. I like being a positive influence in my students’ life. Being a math junkie myself, I can make anybody fall in love with math, making complicated topics appear seamless. Holding crucial professional experience, I push my students to polish their analytical skills and use their mathematical knowledge in real life problem solving.