Tiffani Pelella an Elementary Math, Reading, Writing and Spelling (English) tutor

Tiffani Luders

Position: Remote Tutor
Available: Flexible: Mon-Sun 1PM-5PM
Fun Fact: The city of Medical Lake , where I live, has a population of 5,024. The state of Washington has a population of 7,766,925. That's 7.7 million people!
Categories: Elementary (Grades K-5) Math, Elementary (K-5) English (Reading, Writing, Spelling), Elementary Math

Hi! My name is Tiffani Luders! I live in Medical Lake Washington with my husband and two cats. We are expecting our first child in April 2022. I graduated from Whitworth University in 2015 and got my bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I took a lot of classes in Special Education and enjoyed learning how to help kids that struggle in school! I also struggled all throughout school so understand what it is like! After college I did a program called City Year where I tutored and mentored kids. I have taught English abroad in China. I enjoy getting to learn about other countries and cultures. I love to travel! I also have a passion for helping kids on the Spectrum or with developmental disabilities and have done Applied Behavioral Analysis in the past.