Timothy Teasley

Position: Remote Tutor
Fun Fact: I originally was a music major and wanted to be a producer. I changed my major to math after I had a lot of success in my college math and science classes. I have been tutoring and teaching math since then and I write music as a hobby. I am working on finishing my first album of instrumental music that will be released in November 2021. I am equally passionate about both of these fields.
Categories: Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus I, Elementary (Grades K-5) Math, Elementary Math, Geometry, Jr High (Grades 6-8) Math, Math, SAT / ACT Prep, SAT Math

Timothy Teasley received a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from California State University of Long Beach where he received a full scholarship. For the past 14 years Timothy has taught and tutored with great success. He specializes in teaching Calculus and test prep for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. In addition to this, he is capable of teaching or tutoring all levels of elementary, middle school, and high school math. Timothy Teasley was the Director of Online Operations at Acclaim Academic Institute where he trained all tutors how to teach effectively and efficiently in an online setting. Timothy Teasley’s classes go far beyond helping students understand a topic, He helps students build confidence in the subject and teaches them how to be better math students. Timothy is driven to be the best math tutor because he wants the best for all of his students. He is a life long learner and is always looking for ways to improve his craft. Timothy is passionate about teaching and cares a great deal for the success of his students. If you take classes with Timothy, you will have an advocate that will work to help you reach all of your educational goals.