Amine Hallab

Position: Remote Tutor
Fun Fact: The spiral shapes of sunflowers, snails and shells follow the Fibonacci sequence, where the two previous numbers are added together to get the next. (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…)
Categories: ACT Math, ACT Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, AP Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Precalculus, SAT Math, Trigonometry

Amine graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in BioEngineering and later received a Master’s in
Mathematics. Amine started his tutoring and teaching journey at an early age. He was 18 when he started working as a Calculus tutor at the academic support center at Pitt. During his undergraduate senior year, he was an undergraduate teaching assistant for trigonometry and college algebra courses. After graduating, he worked as a medical device reviewer in the Cardiovascular Division for the FDA. However, his passion for maths and teaching led him
back to graduate school in mathematics and continued teaching and lecturing a variety of mathematics courses at Pitt for 5 years. In the past 6 years, Amine was a form tutor for grade 11,12, and 13 taking students through a challenging British curriculum maths courses and mentoring his students through prep courses and college admission throughout the world. Throughout his life Amine took several volunteering missions in Kenya, Somalia, Malaysia,
Lebanon and Vietnam helping kids and adults learn English, maths, and encouraging them to fulfill their dreams.